Bit Che. A great torrent search program!

oh hai out thar all mah frenz an pplz. i jus wantd 2 show u somethin dat i findz. it be picchur ov mah great grandfathr. at least i finkz iz mah great-grandfathr. it cud not be mah great-grandfathr. but it lookz liek it cud be mah great-grandfathr.

Marty's Great Grandpa

mah great-grandfathr!

anyway, lemmie tell u how i findz. mah dad  told me bout dis new program he put on his computr calld bit che. if find somethin he calls torrents, at least i finkz thaz wut he calls. so i decidd 2 use it in look up picchur ov mah great-grandfathr. it werkd great! i recommend it 2 anyone hoo wants 2 find torrents! if u wants 2 find bit che, jus go 2 dis link: Bit Che. remembr though, when downloadin torrents, be gud kitteh an doan download anythin ure not supposd 2.

Another Beutiful Morning

gud mornin evry wan. mah mom an dad say dat im bean lazy but i doan finkz im. im jus takin mah aftr breakfast nap. we all has 2 taek naps doan we? naps r almost as important as eatin; doan u finkz? although, i doez luv eatin. whew, all dis talkin bout eatin an sleepin iz makin me tird. i finkz im gonna taek anothr nap. i post moar when i git up an somethin new happens.

Making Momma Mind

i had 2 bite an scratch mah mom again dis mornin. i didnt wants 2 but she didnt gimie any othr opshun! she had 2 be punishd!

furst, she got up out ov bed an didnt even pet mah head. i decidd dat she must realize dat i wuz vry hungry. but do u finkz she went an got me sum fud? no, not at all. she eatd her sum fud furst an even though i kept on askin, she wouldnt even giv me any ov her fud eithr!

finally aftr she eatd an i dun got sore throat frum beggin, she got me sum fud. by den it wuz 2 late. as soon as i got thru eatin, i jumpd rite up in her lap an bit her. gaev her scratch 2. i bet 2morrow she will finkz ov me furst.

Hi Again World!

oh hai wurld! iz me, marty (teh kat) an i jus wantd 2 say oh hai!

i r teh excitd bout wut i finally got mah dad 2 do. he got mah blog paeg set up so i can let u knoe wut im doin all teh tiem. i already had paeg but it wuz not as gud as teh paeg i has nao. i can talk 2 u evry dai nao if i feelz liek it! i doan knoe if im gonna cuz it makez me so hungry an sleepy 2 do all dis talkin but i knoe how mutch evrybody lovez me so i probably will!

while im eatin an sleepin u can check out all ov mah picturez videos an an othr things dat has been happenin! plz check bak often. u nevr knoe wut im gonna say ov do frum nao on!


i saw snak flyin around teh outside ov mah window jus few dais ago but i couldnt git 2 it. mom an dad thot dat it wuz so funny, they got their camera an startd takin video ov it. i didnt finkz it wuz funny at all. dat tasty lookin bird rite ther an i had 2 eat mah dry kat fud. i wish all ov dat gud fud wud stay away if i wuz not goin 2 git 2 eat it!

Helping Dad

i luv 2 halp dad fix things! he lovez 4 me 2 halp him 2! teh othr dai r microwave quit werkin an i decidd i wuz goin 2 let dad fix it. aftr quite sum tiem it became obvious dat he wuz not goin 2 be able 2 do it without mah halp so i jumpd in. he wuz so proud ov me an impresd wif mah werk dat he made video ov it. ov course all ov dis fixin microwave made me tird so im goin 2 taek nap nao while u watch teh video.