My Lolcat Friends

i has lot ov frenz hoo doan speek gud hooman speek liek i doez so i tranzlate 4 them. i spell bettr than mah frenz 2! i jus put wut they say on their picchur so u can read it. all ov dis tranzlatin makez me tird an hungry. i finkz im gonna go eat an taek nap! u can c wut mah frenz has 2 say while im restin.

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My Friends

i has sum picturez ov kats hoo r mah frenz. i has lot ov frenz! all kats luv me! they r all mah frenz. i finkz sum ov them r pritee an handsome 2. not as handsome as me!!! but sum ov them r pritee an handsom. they r all jelous ov me cuz im so handsom. u knoe, all ov dis bean handsome iz hard werk. i finkz it makez me tird an hungry. i finkz i cud go eat an sleep sum! i has 2 git mah rest if im goin 2 stay handsome! anyway wile i sleep, look at mah frenz. doan forget 2 come bak an c me though! ill be waitnin 4 u.

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Helping Mom and Dad

doan finkz dis place gona be so bad. it got all mah chairs an mah bed in it. it got pritty colors in it 2! dat must be wut dad an mom been doin! it not hawt liek dat uthr place we livd! they got me lota fud her 2. an all mah toys! yea, i finkz it gona be k her!!! maybee they lets me has sum boxez 2 pulay in. oh yea!!! i must be agud kitteh or sumtin! they got me lot ov boxez her 2 pulay in. they got stuff in um. i finkz i iz gona halp thaek it out 4 mom an dad! they will be so happeh i helpt!!! i likez 2 halp!

The New Place

i went 2 sleep in da box an when dad an mom woke me up i wuz her! i doan knoe wer her iz an i doan knoe if im goin 2 liek dis place but at least they un stuck teh screen on mah box so i can git out! i lookd out but didnt c dose peeps in da coats dat do dose bad things 2 me so it cood be k. i c mah chair an baby iz undr it. i has fud beside mah chair. i had bettr go mak sure mah baby doesnt eat all mah fud. let u knoe moar bout wut i finkz aftr i eat an sleep sum moar.

The Grey Box

i herd lot ov noize dis mornin so i got up 2 c wut it wuz. i walkd into teh othr room an tothin wuz thar. teh only ting i saw wuz dis lil grey box wif pritee screen door on teh frunt ov it. mom an dad must has got me new box 2 pulay in. maybe they let me pulay in it dis tiem an not taek it bak or mak me git out.

wait!!! y they close teh screen? they must has not ment 2 git it stuck. if i start 2 cry they will git me out. oh noez! dad iz pickin up mah box wif me in it. i remembr nao! he iz goin 2 taek me 2 dat place wer they stick thins in placez wer they r not supposd 2 go! i went thar before. they took thingg full ov colord watr an stuck me wif it. i doan liek dose things. they hurt. if i cry sum moar maybe they wants taek me thar!

Added Colors

mom iz still putin ting in mah boxez. i keep tryin 2 taek em out but she wont let me! i still doan no how im gona pulay in mah boxez if she puts stuff in em! dad came home an took mom off again. doan no wer they goin but i wish they wuzent goin so mutch. i no they mis me when they not her! evry tiem he takez her away an they come bak, they got colord stuff on them an thir clothez. it sure iz pritty. i still doan no wut they doin but i knoe it must be fun. maby they let me go do it 2! watchin them sure makez me tird an hungry. i finkz ill go eat an sleep sum! ill talk 2 u latr attr i eat an sleep!

Something strange is happening!

i must be gud kitteh or sumthin! doan no, but mom an dad iz bein gud 2 me! they brout me sum new boxez 2 pulay in. i luv 2 pulay in boxez. im cunfusd lil! they keep on moovin sum things around lot. mah chairs keep movin! sum stuff even keeps goin wai! dad jus taskz things out uv teh houz. mom keeps putin things in mah boxez. when i git in mah boxez they brout me, she makez me git out! i doan no y they brin me boxez an wants let me pulay wif um! when i find out whut iz goin on ill tell u!