Bit Che. A great torrent search program!

oh hai out thar all mah frenz an pplz. i jus wantd 2 show u somethin dat i findz. it be picchur ov mah great grandfathr. at least i finkz iz mah great-grandfathr. it cud not be mah great-grandfathr. but it lookz liek it cud be mah great-grandfathr.

Marty's Great Grandpa

mah great-grandfathr!

anyway, lemmie tell u how i findz. mah dad  told me bout dis new program he put on his computr calld bit che. if find somethin he calls torrents, at least i finkz thaz wut he calls. so i decidd 2 use it in look up picchur ov mah great-grandfathr. it werkd great! i recommend it 2 anyone hoo wants 2 find torrents! if u wants 2 find bit che, jus go 2 dis link: Bit Che. remembr though, when downloadin torrents, be gud kitteh an doan download anythin ure not supposd 2.


Bit Che. A great torrent search program! — 1 Comment

  1. I wuz rill excited tu see yur post about torrats. I luv rats, all kinds of rats, baked rats, fried rats, but mostly raw rats! I cudn’t wait to find out wut kind uv tasty rat a torrat was, but then I redd it’s just sum stupid computer thing.

    I ain’t gunna redd yur page any more ‘cos you made me mad ‘cos there aren’t any rats.

    Maybe if you send me sum rats I will, but rite now I won’t any more!

    Mr. Flibble

    PS. Grate pictur!

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