Making Momma Mind

i had 2 bite an scratch mah mom again dis mornin. i didnt wants 2 but she didnt gimie any othr opshun! she had 2 be punishd!

furst, she got up out ov bed an didnt even pet mah head. i decidd dat she must realize dat i wuz vry hungry. but do u finkz she went an got me sum fud? no, not at all. she eatd her sum fud furst an even though i kept on askin, she wouldnt even giv me any ov her fud eithr!

finally aftr she eatd an i dun got sore throat frum beggin, she got me sum fud. by den it wuz 2 late. as soon as i got thru eatin, i jumpd rite up in her lap an bit her. gaev her scratch 2. i bet 2morrow she will finkz ov me furst.

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