Hi Again World!

oh hai wurld! iz me, marty (teh kat) an i jus wantd 2 say oh hai!

i r teh excitd bout wut i finally got mah dad 2 do. he got mah blog paeg set up so i can let u knoe wut im doin all teh tiem. i already had paeg but it wuz not as gud as teh paeg i has nao. i can talk 2 u evry dai nao if i feelz liek it! i doan knoe if im gonna cuz it makez me so hungry an sleepy 2 do all dis talkin but i knoe how mutch evrybody lovez me so i probably will!

while im eatin an sleepin u can check out all ov mah picturez videos an an othr things dat has been happenin! plz check bak often. u nevr knoe wut im gonna say ov do frum nao on!


Hi Again World! — 1 Comment

  1. Hay my naem is Martie two!

    Luv yer blog. I no us dogs ar spoze to hate cats but I doant. I just never hav fur sum reezon. Sum uv my best frindz ar cats.

    U need two teech yur dad how two spell tho. I went to hiz page and it wuz tairibull!!!

    Keep ritun stuf!

    Martie (the dog)

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