Helping Mom and Dad

doan finkz dis place gona be so bad. it got all mah chairs an mah bed in it. it got pritty colors in it 2! dat must be wut dad an mom been doin! it not hawt liek dat uthr place we livd! they got me lota fud her 2. an all mah toys! yea, i finkz it gona be k her!!! maybee they lets me has sum boxez 2 pulay in. oh yea!!! i must be agud kitteh or sumtin! they got me lot ov boxez her 2 pulay in. they got stuff in um. i finkz i iz gona halp thaek it out 4 mom an dad! they will be so happeh i helpt!!! i likez 2 halp!

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