The Grey Box

i herd lot ov noize dis mornin so i got up 2 c wut it wuz. i walkd into teh othr room an tothin wuz thar. teh only ting i saw wuz dis lil grey box wif pritee screen door on teh frunt ov it. mom an dad must has got me new box 2 pulay in. maybe they let me pulay in it dis tiem an not taek it bak or mak me git out.

wait!!! y they close teh screen? they must has not ment 2 git it stuck. if i start 2 cry they will git me out. oh noez! dad iz pickin up mah box wif me in it. i remembr nao! he iz goin 2 taek me 2 dat place wer they stick thins in placez wer they r not supposd 2 go! i went thar before. they took thingg full ov colord watr an stuck me wif it. i doan liek dose things. they hurt. if i cry sum moar maybe they wants taek me thar!

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